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Rumors Swirl That Conor McGregor Could Get 170 lb. Title Shot

Over the past couple of days there have been reports that the UFC is looking into giving Conor a shot at the welterweight title. If that were to happen, he would face up with the current 170 lb. champion Kamaru Usman. As someone who enjoys watching Conor fight, I don’t want this to happen. This […]

Hottest TV Characters: Gen Z Edition

One of the best things about the Coronavirus is that it has forced me to rewatch old TV shows and start new ones because I have nothing else to do. And as a result of that, I’ve been reminded of all my childhood/teenage crushes from said TV shows. Now I’m not one to be picky, […]

UFC Fighters Getting Humbled

There’s nothing more pleasing than watching someone who talks a lot of shit get knocked out. When you talk shit, you gotta back it up. That’s why people like Conor McGregor get away with it, because most of the time they back up their shit talking. While he did get shelled by Khabib, Conor still […]

Rooney Rule Updates

THANK THE LORD that the NFL owners were actually thinking with a lot of common sense during the vote to pass the updates to the Rooney Rule. Before we get into it, let me start by saying the plan to reward teams for hiring minorities by giving them higher draft picks was absolutely bananas. Total […]

Rona Thoughts Part 2

I mean at this point there’s not much to say that I haven’t already. You got all the liberal politicians clamoring to keep states closed (except Colorado shoutout Jared Polis) and all the republican politicians fighting back just as hard to open states up. Now listen I’m all for keeping people safe and protecting at […]

Should the Ole Miss Band Play Dixie?

This blog is not intended to sway opinions or spark arguments. Instead, I believe it is vital to have open conversations about our thoughts on polarizing topics like this. As an Ole Miss student, I witness firsthand the controversy around “Dixie”. For those that don’t know, the song originated in Minstrel Shows where white actors […]

UFC Fight Night 175: Smith v. Teixaira Recap

Boy was a wrong about a lot last night. OSP came out and looked like he hadn’t done any cardio since his last fight and looked more out of shape than the big fat bear of a man he was fighting. He spend most of the fight circling or jogging away. He did manage to […]

The United States Today: Dive Into the Mysterious World of Q-Anon

Let me start off by making some things clear. No, I’m not a far-right conservative. I would say I fall somewhere close to the middle but tend to lean right. What I really am, however, is an open-minded individual who is concerned about the current state of our country. I find it so frustrating that […]

The Tragic Life of an Ole Miss/Saints fan

Look I know the last thing people want to hear right now is another person complaining. I’m not writing this to complain but rather to entertain. I want people to be able to laugh at how miserable I am and how much pain I have gone through as a result of my fandoms. I’m in […]


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