THANK THE LORD that the NFL owners were actually thinking with a lot of common sense during the vote to pass the updates to the Rooney Rule. Before we get into it, let me start by saying the plan to reward teams for hiring minorities by giving them higher draft picks was absolutely bananas. Total horseshit. I don’t know who came up with that rule but I’m guessing that they are always on twitter being mad about some injustice. Probably have a blue checkmark by their name too. Just a guess no evidence behind that (but I’m probably right).

I can’t believe people actually thought that would help the situation. Maybe, just maybe, do you think that teams would hire minorities solely to move up in the draft and not because they actually wanted a minority head coach? Isn’t it kind of obvious that, if there actually was any racism that determined coaching hires, giving people an incentive to hire minorities wouldn’t have helped that? That maybe owners could hire minorities just to get a better pick but at the same time still be racist? Dunno, makes sense to me. Like if I was an owner I would just hire a minority coach even if I didn’t have the best interest in mind. Hypothetically, I would just get one to move up and not because I actually wanted to hire a minority.

But for real, I am glad that this amendment to the rule didn’t get passed. Or to be specific it got tabled which is kind of the same thing. And I’m also glad that minority coaches like Tony Dungy called out the bullshit of the amendments. Being the intelligent man his is, Dungy said that “I just have never been in favor of rewarding people for doing the right thing, and so I think there’s going to be some unintended consequences.” Geez Tony, what an insightful comment. I know I sound sarcastic but I’m trying to be serious here. We need more people like Tony Dungy who see through this kind of PC bullshit. Let the owners hire the best man. Giving them an incentive to do the right thing makes no sense.

And in my opinion there isn’t any racism involved in head coaching hires. I mean the whole point of an NFL team is to win by hiring the best coaches and drafting the best players. There’s no point in making race a factor in any kind of decision. If the best coach is black, hire him. If the best coach is white, hire him. If there, unfortunately, is any kind of racism determining the hiring of coaches, then those people will suffer by not getting the best coach. Think about it this way: if there was a choice between Mike Tomlin and Jason Garrett, and a team went with Garrett because he was white, then they would suffer. They would suck and lose. Therefore, most owners go ahead and hire the best candidate regardless of race. Makes sense. We don’t need any kind of rules like the ones presented.