I mean at this point there’s not much to say that I haven’t already. You got all the liberal politicians clamoring to keep states closed (except Colorado shoutout Jared Polis) and all the republican politicians fighting back just as hard to open states up. Now listen I’m all for keeping people safe and protecting at risk groups but I’m gonna have to side with the Republicans here because enough is enough and I think we’re all sick and tired of being in our houses. I mean seriously at this point I think healthy people have a higher chance of dying from a meteor than from the Rona. I still don’t know anyone personally who has gotten it, let alone died from it.

And then you have Boston’s mayor saying that they won’t end lockdown because not enough people have had the Rona?! You can’t be fucking serious! Like I think the only way you can expose more people to the virus is by letting them go outside? Does that make sense? If people go outside and see others, they more likely than not will get sick. If they stay inside, they will not. So you have to let them go outside in order for there to be more immunity. Is that a hard concept to grasp? Is the mayor of Boston retarded?

I swear if that starts becoming a thing. “Oh, we can’t end lockdown because not enough people have had Rona so we’re going to keep locking down.” You have got to be shitting me. Where is the logic in that? So I guess we have to stay locked down forever? What? By the end of this all of our immune systems are going to be weak as shit anyways because the whole point of an immune system is to get sick and build up immunity. I mean seriously I think liberals in this country who want to stay closed might literally be on the spectrum. There’s just no way you can think that illogically and not be.

And then you have the University of South Carolina coming out and saying that they will have regular school ALL FALL, and by regular I mean in person classes. Then, after Thanksgiving break, they’re gonna go all online “to stop the spread of the virus”. I mean am I taking crazy pills? Am I going schizo, did someone dose me? Again, where is the fucking logic in that!? Hey South Carolina it seems like there is no point in going online after thanksgiving because more likely than not all the kids are gonna catch it during football season. Just a thought. Their thinking is so backwards and stupid it hurts.

Good for states like Georgia who are opening up and saying I don’t give a fuck about Rona anymore. And of course the media is going to portray all of them as serial killers. As Hitler. You know I think the governor of Georgia might not be as bad as Hitler, I think he just wants his economy to return and for the people to get back to their normal lives. It’s almost like he wants what is good for his people. That’s a foreign concept in today’s time. But for real I wish my state was like Georgia and would just say fuck it. Let’s go back. Cause if we wait any longer our economy will be in the shitter even more, and then we will be really fucked. Common sense tells me that a lot more people are going to get the rona but about 95% of them will be fine. The people that will die from this will be the old and those with underlying health conditions. Shocking I know. Maybe we should just protect those people and let all the healthy people get back to their normal lives? Shit I don’t know. Just a thought.